Journal Scope: The Journal for Reproducibility in Neuroscience publishes articles from attempts to replicate entire studies or single experiments. We aim to be a platform for sharing results that support or contradict articles that have already been published in the scientific literature of basic and applied neuroscience: anatomy, behavior, biochemistry, bioinformatics, cell biology, genetics, physiology and pharmacology. We also welcome commentaries, mini-reviews and articles on the topic of reproducibility in science.

All submitted material is open-peer-reviewed (reviewers’ comments, but not names, are published alongside the study) and distributed under a CC-BY-SA license (authors retain the copyright of the study), in a platinum open-access model (no fees to authors or readers).

Authors can opt to have a single- or double-blinded review.

The Journal for Reproducibility in Neuroscience is hosted and maintained by the University of Helsinki Library. The independent editorial board is composed of members from the UH community (researchers and students) and external scholars.

Founding editor: Plinio Casarotto, PhD. Neuroscience Center - HiLIFE, University of Helsinki, Finland