Metapragmatic neology in digital discourse

Solid groundwork for Morphopragmatics and Construction Morphology


  • Bárbara Marqueta Gracia Universidad de Zaragoza



morphology, neology, Morphopragmatics, Construction Morphology, digital discourse


This note addresses the topic of Judith Bridges’s focus article, namely ‑splain neologisms such as mansplain, thinsplain and covidsplain, from the perspective of morphological theory. I attempt to show that Morphopragmatics, a subfield of morphology, can account for the complex pragmatics of word formation processes like those in ‑splain neology. I propose that the analysis of ‑splain words as constructional idioms, under the framework of Construction Morphology, provides a suitable account of the pragmatic effects associated with the innovations in this lexical pattern.

Author Biography

Bárbara Marqueta Gracia, Universidad de Zaragoza

Specializes in Morphology and Semantics




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Marqueta Gracia, B. (2021). Metapragmatic neology in digital discourse: Solid groundwork for Morphopragmatics and Construction Morphology. Language Under Discussion, 6(1), 38–42.