Planetary pragmatism? A response to François Cooren

  • Chris Russill Carleton University
Keywords: Anthropocene, Communication theory, Pragmatism, Robert Craig


In my discussion of Cooren’s piece, I set out to accomplish three things. First, I situate Cooren within a broader horizon of pragmatist thought to discuss how his work aligns with pragmatism. Second, I examine how Cooren deploys pragmatism to constitute a scholarly field of communication theory, a project seeking to transcend the current configuration of the field by systematizing discourse around a “metamodel”. Third, I ask what else Cooren’s pragmatism might do. Pragmatism, according to Cooren, offers us an agentive conception of the world.

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Russill, C. (2015). Planetary pragmatism? A response to François Cooren. Language Under Discussion, 2(1), 27–34.