Ventriloquism as a matter for discourse analysis


  • Mariaelena Bartesaghi University of South Florida



ventriloquism, discourse analysis, indexicality, polycentricity


As a discourse analyst, I take François Cooren's compelling reconstruction of communication theory as ventriloquism as a universe in which the world speaks through us and by our speaking of it, as an invitation to new noticings, new conversations, new questions for analysis (of discourse; interaction; communication). In this discussion note, I stage an inter-action between Cooren’s ventriloqual universe and the concepts of affect, orders of indexicality and polycentricity that animate the work of discourse scholars Rick Iedema and Jan Blommaert. In doing so, I consider how these concepts and the noticings they invite may enhance a ventriloqual view and (perhaps selfishly), how they matter to me as I continue to develop my thinking and doing in discourse studies.




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Bartesaghi, M. (2016). Ventriloquism as a matter for discourse analysis. Language Under Discussion, 2(1), 50–57.