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Current Trends in Translation Teaching and Learning E

Current Trends in Translation Teaching and Learning E (CTTL E) is a double-blind refereed open access journal that explores a variety of issues related to translation teaching and learning. We seek qualitative and quantitative research articles that are relevant to this subject.

Language Under Discussion

Language Under Discussion is an open-access peer-reviewed journal devoted to promoting open-minded debate on central questions in the study of language, from all relevant disciplinary and theoretical perspectives. Our journal seeks, unapologetically, to promote scholarly discussion of the “big” ques­tions about language...

LUMAT: International Journal on Math, Science and Technology Education

LUMAT publishes peer-reviewed research articles on math, science and technology education. Articles include research papers and perspective papers.

No Foundations - An Interdisciplinary Journal of Law and Justice

No Foundations is an international peer-reviewed journal committed to publishing interdisciplinary legal scholarship of the highest quality at the interface between law and justice. We encourage contributions from all areas of law and beyond, with the aim of bridging the gap once opened between law and other social and human activities and experiences.

Proto-Indo-European Linguistics – Urindogermanische Sprachforschungen

The journal of comparative method of reconstruction in Indo-European linguistics. ISSN 2489-3390

RMN Newsletter

RMN Newsletter is a peer-reviewed open-access publication of Folklore Studies / Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies, University of Helsinki (ISSN 2324-0636 print, ISSN 1799-4497 electronic). The journal is primarily oriented to constructing an informational resource and discourse space for researchers of diverse and intersecting disciplines.


Solmu : matematiikkalehti

Matematiikkalehti Solmu on verkkolehti, johon liitetään esimerkiksi opettajien täydennyskoulutusmateriaalia sekä kouluissa käytettäväksi tarkoitettua opetusmateriaalia.

UV4Plants Bulletin

The UV4Plants Bulletin (ISSN 2343-323X) is an open access journal of the UV4Plants Association, publishing both peer-reviewed articles and editorial-board-reviewed opinions, commentaries, profiles and news. Articles deal with any aspects of research on plants (terrestrial or aquatic) and ultraviolet radiation, including applications to plant production and related fields, teaching at all levels, science popularization and scientist-artist collaborations.