About the Journal

Helsinki Romanian Studies (HEROS) Journal is a double-blind peer-reviewed academic journal issued by Helsinki University Library and Helsinki University, the Lectureship in Romanian Language and Culture (the Romanian Language Institute in Bucharest, Romania) at the University of Helsinki, The Faculty of Arts, The Department of Languages.  Its purpose comprises research and cooperation with similar local or foreign research entities, along with publishing research and encouraging academic dialogue in the field of Romanian studies.

HEROS JOURNAL publishes original articles on Romanian language, literature, culture and civilization, proposing various interferences between philological sciences, arts and humanities and social sciences. HEROS issues are non-thematic and address to any researcher interested in Romanian culture and civilization in a national and/or global context. However, HEROS Journal accepts proposals of special issues, thus welcoming a guest editor responsible for the issue. Respecting academic requirements, contributors are invited to submit texts from any field that can present a novel perspective on Romania. Authors may consider various areas such as linguistics, literature, visual and performing arts, cinema, history, philosophy, political studies, etc. that include, in a personal form, concepts such as: identity and identity construction, geography, marginality, the Centre, neighbourhoods, freedom and the negotiation of freedom, censorship and totalitarianism, integration and resilience, individuality and collectivity, dystopia and utopia, the 'Other' in various contexts, exclusion and exile, diaspora and emigration, nationality and transnationality, gender and ethnicity, religion and spirituality, popular culture and the academic dimensions of education, influences and manifestations of new media, transdisciplinary approaches integrating medical and science terms, up to the new construction of worlds through AI. Each author is free to propose any theme through which Romania can be explored in a novel view.

HEROS Journal also welcomes review articles or book reviews.

The journal publishes articles in Romanian, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Publishing Schedule

HEROS Journal is an academic periodical journal published twice a year. The reviewing and publishing process require a period of 6 months. As a consequence, the editors recommend that authors submit the articles according to the timeframe listed in the call for papers.

The ISBN of HEROS Journal will be officially made public upon the publication of the first issue of the journal.

Contact: heros-journal@helsinki.fi