The issue of ‘proudliness’: Primary students’ motivation towards mathematics




Affect, Mathematics education, Motivation, Primary students


In this paper, we study year 2 and year 5 students’ expressed motivations for doing mathematics. The responses were analysed using thematic analysis; first with a deductive approach using themes from previous research, and then an additional inductive analysis searching for new themes. The results show that the children express both intrinsic motivation (cognitive-oriented and emotional-oriented), as well as extrinsic motivation (including outward and compensation). Two new categories of cognitive intrinsic motivation were found—normative and personal. The results also indicated an interplay not only between the different categories but also within categories, signalling that expressed motivation is double-layered. Some implications are discussed.




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Nyman, M., & Sumpter, L. (2019). The issue of ‘proudliness’: Primary students’ motivation towards mathematics. LUMAT: International Journal on Math, Science and Technology Education, 7(2), 80–96.