Information for many needs


  • Jarmo Partanen Statistics Finland



In information search, it is essential to find the reliable sources information. Statistics Finland provides us with many views on our home country, Finland. For example, monthly review offers quick overview of the current economic cycle, whereas the timeline materials with new visual tools provide information about the development during the past 20 years and change in the Finnish society.

In total, Statistics Finland’s statistics production includes 190 statistics of 26 topics. Majority of the statistics are directly or indirectly based on the treaties and legislation of European Union. New statistical information is published widely online, free of charge. All statistics have their own website with related publications, reviews, charts and diagrams as well as information on information retrieval methods and sources of information. The website also offers information about the background and interpretation of the data.

For several years, Statistics Finland has increased the amount of free, accessible information especially online. All central statistical information is published online as diagrams, charts and analytical texts. Statistics Finland will continue opening the data, the plans include adding information from smaller areas in open distribution, developing the technical interfaces of the databases and increasing the usability of the meta information. Also the accessibility of publications in online pdf-form has been increased. Currently, almost all published material is available online, free of charge.

Ways of supporting statistical literacy, provided by Statistics Finland, include different collaborative online services, such as the new Tilastokoulu (Statistics School) that can be used in teaching mathematics.




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