Emotions and learning in the chemistry laboratory


  • Minna Tiainen University of Oulu, Laboratory of inorganic chemistry
  • Heidi Pietilä University of Oulu, Research unit of Sustainable chemistry
  • Sanna Tyni University of Oulu, Laboratory of inorganic chemistry




learning, emotions, chemistry, laboratory


In this study, the first-year chemistry laboratory course was renewed and made more intensive, three weeks course. Students’ experiences of the renewed course were examined by analyzing their learning diaries which they were encouraged to keep during the whole course. The purpose of this study was to find out how the intense coursework affects students’ emotions and learning experiences. Thus, the learning diaries were analyzed in order to find out different emotions that students experienced during the course. These emotions were then classified and represented using a model based on a two-dimensional emotion theory. Diversity of students’ emotions during the course gave us important information how emotions influenced on student’s learning and achievement. For teacher it is valuable to understand and deal with the emotions experienced by students while planning and carrying out the laboratory course. This enables not only higher quality teaching, but also more positive learning outcomes for students regarding their chemistry laboratory studies. FULL TEXT IN FINNISH.




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Tiainen, M., Pietilä, H., & Tyni, S. (2016). Emotions and learning in the chemistry laboratory. LUMAT: International Journal on Math, Science and Technology Education, 4(2), 107–119. https://doi.org/10.31129/LUMAT.4.2.35