LUMAT is now in the Editori service


Dear LUMAT Users

LUMAT has moved to the Editori publishing service. Editori is an Open Journals System based service hosted by the University of Helsinki.

The new URL for LUMAT is

During the transfer we made one crucial article update. All archived articles from 2013–2015 were assigned DOIs and migrated to the new platform. This included over 150 articles. Also, all users need to register again to the new platform.

LUMAT welcomes Editori team to the LUMAT family. The data transfer process was executed through great expertise and everything went smoothly. Thank you Markku Roinila (Editori/University of Helsinki), Kimmo Koskinen (Editori/University of Helsinki), Teemu Nuutinen (Editori/University of Helsinki) and Antti-Jussi Nygård (TSV).

Best regards
LUMAT Editorial Office