Lower secondary students’ views about mathematicians depicted as mathematics teachers





gender, lower secondary school students, mathematics education, images of mathematics teachers, views about mathematicians and mathematics teachers


The present study examined lower secondary students’ images of mathematics, comprised of stated attitudes to and perceived needs for mathematics, and views about mathematicians and their work. A group of 1284 lower secondary students drew a picture of mathematician at work and described their drawings. The students’ drawings fell into two distinct groups: drawings that depicted their view of what a mathematician at work would look like, and drawings that depicted a mathematician who was clearly a mathematics teacher. This article presents the data regarding the latter group. Trends that emerged from the drawings in this sample included that mathematics teachers were: predominantly female; had a positive image; incorporated lectures, explanations, and demonstrations; and used whiteboards and books as tools of the profession. The article concludes with possible implications for practice and research.




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Hatisaru, V. (2019). Lower secondary students’ views about mathematicians depicted as mathematics teachers. LUMAT: International Journal on Math, Science and Technology Education, 7(2), 27–49. https://doi.org/10.31129/LUMAT.7.2.355