Mathematical learning difficulties – snapshots of current European research


  • Pirjo Aunio University of Helsinki
  • Riikka Mononen
  • Anu Laine
  • Geerdina van der Aalsvoort
  • Carla Compagnie
  • Annemie Desoete
  • Evelyn Kroesbergen
  • Maria Chiara Passolunghi
  • Martin van Schaik
  • Anna Tapola
  • Tjarda de Wit



In November 2014 we had a wonderful possibility to organize a seminar International Seminar on Mathematical Learning Difficulties with our international colleagues in the field of mathematical learning difficulties. One of the main aims was to provide open lectures for the staff members and students in University of Helsinki. The meeting was supported by the Teachers’ Academy in University of Helsinki.
We have collected extensive summaries of the presentations to form this special issue. The summaries are found in both English and Finnish.
To sum up the main ideas from the presentations. Firstly, although mathematical learning difficulties are common, we do need more research to be able to understand the possible cognitive precursors or environmental issues affecting learning and causing problems. Secondly, we need more studies about intervention programmes designed to support the mathematical skills development in children having problems in learning mathematics. Thirdly, we also need more studies validating the positive findings in individual studies, using the same assessment and intervention tools.




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Aunio, P., Mononen, R., Laine, A., van der Aalsvoort, G., Compagnie, C., Desoete, A., Kroesbergen, E., Passolunghi, M. C., van Schaik, M., Tapola, A., & de Wit, T. (2015). Mathematical learning difficulties – snapshots of current European research. LUMAT: International Journal on Math, Science and Technology Education, 3(5), 647–674.