Vol. 11 No. 3 (2023): Technology in Mathematics Education

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Technological tools play an important role in teaching and studying mathematics. Calculators have aided straightforward computations for many decades, but nowadays curricula more and more demand the use of modern computer programs in school mathematics. However, it is not clear how and at which stage this technology should be implemented in mathematics education. Also, what is the impact of the use of technology on the learning of mathematics? Much more new research in this significant and interesting topic is needed. In this special issue, we present several interesting technology related mathematics education research papers.

Guest editors
Mika Koskenoja, University of Helsinki, Finland
Topi Törmä, University of Helsinki, Finland

Article statistics
Submitted: 34
Published: 5 (15%)
Rejected: 29 (85%)

Published: 2023-08-22

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